APAD - Feb 2018

Dry out

Cash terms

Pick and choose

Stoop labor

Hang up

Open door policy

All eyes and ears

Pins and needles


Wheel of Fortune

Room together

As comfortable as an old shoe

A job of work

Valentine's wish

Please be seated

Happy Lunar New Year

Fear no colors

Wait your turn

Square meal

Looking back

Party's over!

Bother the head

Next bus

An apple a day

Gossip Corner


High water

Don't cross the line

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Latest comments

22.04 | 16:19

Quality versus quantity, Sir

22.04 | 16:11

Three weeks and only these? 🙄

24.12 | 19:57

Yes, Marie. I've uploaded the photos and they can be found at:
>> Beyond Our Shores > Other Travel Photos > 2017 > Scandinavia

23.12 | 20:38

Hv you uploaded pictures of your recent trip? Oslo etc Tq

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