A Camera For Every Occasion

What Shall I Wear Today?

Like a lady who takes along a Made-in-Paris-Prada to a wedding dinner and an LV-look-alike for some other less elaborate events, we photographers have our fair share of headaches when matching a camera to an occasion. 

My Fuji X-T1 is almost permanently mated to its 18-55/2.8-4 zoom.  With auto-focussing, this is the ultimate speed machine.  I use this setup solely for shooting events when I am on volunteer work.  It's fast.  It's accurate.  It produces clinically sharp images that people just can't get enough.  I also use this on family outings like dinners and other casual meetup with friends.  Light and small - many people are surprised at the image quality when they get to see the pictures.

When on my own, I like to take it slow

When on my own, I like to take it slow - it's the Leica MP, without a doubt.  On this is my all-time favourite Leitz 35mm f2.8 Summaron - sharp even when wide open, with some of the infamous Leica dream look. When I feel nostalgic, I'll reach out for my 1956 Leica M3.  Buttery smooth gears after 6 decades of exercise given to it.  Lovely!

For family vacations, it's again my Fuji X-T1, unless I am adventurous enough to lug along my Voigtlander Bessa R3M and some rolls of film.  It's a challenge to get airport security to agree to visually checking my camera bag instead of rolling it through their "MRI" machine.

To the beach, its none other than my el-cheapo Point-and-Shoot.

On days that I have to be at the office, it's just me and my iPhone.

Sounds complicating?  But then again, remember - we're guys who will never know whether a Ferragamo smells different from a Bvlgari.  However, we are certain the level of pain is indistinguishable between a lady who's gotten her first scratch on a new Gucci, and in our case, the Leica.

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24.12 | 19:57

Yes, Marie. I've uploaded the photos and they can be found at:
>> Beyond Our Shores > Other Travel Photos > 2017 > Scandinavia

23.12 | 20:38

Hv you uploaded pictures of your recent trip? Oslo etc Tq

17.12 | 19:51

Ya, so it must be really bad for me to start complaining 😡

17.12 | 17:55

Dom, seldom hear you complain about cruises. Guess must be quite bad.
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