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Written by Dom on 31. Oct, 2015
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks for being here, Daniel!

Written by Tama on 31. Oct, 2015


You ask me to tell you I am here.

I'm here ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Written by Dom on 18. Nov, 2013
Hi Nancy,

Thanks for visiting my website. Yes, I am indeed blessed with a hobby that doubles up as volunteer work. It's double the fulfillment for me!

Written by Nancy ES Tan on 18. Nov, 2013
Read thru your latest. Your family's trip to Pulau Kundur is inspiring. Glutton's Corner
is useful to fellow glutton like me.

I admire your "works" and hobbies. Keep up your enjoyable doings and sharing!

God bless,
Nancy Tan

Written by Dom on 5. Aug, 2013
Thank you for your compliments, Richard. Let's get together soon!

Written by Richard Heng on 5. Aug, 2013
Hi Dom
Glad to meet you at Junction 8 yesterday. I have viewed your website. Is awesome.I enjoyed your pictures taken in this website. Thank you for sending me my picture which I like it very much. Is candid. I have placed it under my FB. Cheers. Keep in touch

Written by Dom on 25. Jun, 2013
Thanks for dropping by, Ginger.
Yes, itโ€™s a great and fulfilling way for me to do the things that interest me and at the same time give back some of my time to society. Do come by regularly for updates.

Written by Ginger on 24. Jun, 2013
Hi Dominic,
Interesting write up on how your hobby began and how you see things with new eyes through the camera lens. Best part is ... you've used this to work with the less fortunate! Great photos!

Written by Dom on 4. Mar, 2013
Yes, Skeen. You're so handsome. You must be proud!

Written by Skeen on 3. Mar, 2013
Sssssst sssssssst exsssssited to be part of your latest pic in my hip outfit ^^

Written by Dom on 20. Feb, 2013
Good morning, Dawn.
Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for the compliments. Do visit regularly - new photos are posted daily at my "A-Picture-A-Day". In fact, you may even spot the picture I took yesterday after meeting up with you at your office!

Written by Dawn on 20. Feb, 2013
Hi Dominic, a nice blog done by a nice person =) Great way to enjoy/view life through lens.

Written by Dom on 5. Dec, 2012
Thank you for visiting, Christopher. Youโ€™re exactly right to say that APAD makes me visualise differently. I now see almost everything creatively, so itโ€™s a departure from the usual WYSIWYG. For the benefit of those who do not know DR Khng, he is my eye surgeon and also an avid photographer. Thanks, once again Christopher, for helping me see better.

Written by DR Christopher Khng on 4. Dec, 2012
Dear Dominic, great to see your website. I really like many of the photos you posted!
I'm most impressed by the pictures in your APAD project. It requires a lot of discipline and commitment to go do that.
I must say that if you do this everyday it must help your "seeing" and previsualization.

Written by Dom on 2. Dec, 2012
No way that I'm building a career. No longer as young as you are, Alan. Appreciate your dropping by.

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24.12 | 19:57

Yes, Marie. I've uploaded the photos and they can be found at:
>> Beyond Our Shores > Other Travel Photos > 2017 > Scandinavia

23.12 | 20:38

Hv you uploaded pictures of your recent trip? Oslo etc Tq

17.12 | 19:51

Ya, so it must be really bad for me to start complaining ๐Ÿ˜ก

17.12 | 17:55

Dom, seldom hear you complain about cruises. Guess must be quite bad.
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