Our Other Past Time - EATING

Ate this while we're in Hanoi.

Mudpie @ Prego's, Raffles City. 5 stars

Charcoal grilled chicken, Cairo. 4 stars

Milk Powder Pork Ribs @ Two Chefs Eating Place, Commonweath. 5 stars.

Century egg and wasabe wrapped in chee cheong fun. Bosses Restaurant, Vivo City. 5 stars

Dinosaur @ Bosses Restaurant, Vivo City. 5 stars

Chillie at Putien. 5 stars

Char Siew @ Oversea Restaurant, Beach Road. 5 stars

Barbecued prawns at Krabi. Featured here for its presentation only

Milk prawns served on pumpkin, Krabi. Scored on presentation only

Soft Shell Crab served with Popcorn - House Restaurant @ Dempsey

Popular Myanmar snack - Peninsula Plaza

Ban Khun Mae (Mum's) @ Bangkok

Curry prawns - Ban Khun Mae (Mum's) @ Bangkok. Fresh, juicy and succulent

Prawn roll - Nam Sing @ Yaowarat, Bangkok. Cispy on outside, juicy inside

Fried glass noodles with prawn - Nam Sing @ Yaowarat, Bangkok. So-so.

Snack - MBK Centre, Bangkok. Sweeeeeet!

Oyster omelette - e-Pochana, Bangkok. My favourite, served uniquely with bean sprouts

Sugar coated taro (yam) - e-Pochana. Thumbs up. A dish we never miss everytime we visit the restaurant

These are some of the dishes we ate lately that's worthy of mention.  Some passed the taste test, while others only scored well in the presentation or originality department.

Having said this, let us all be appreciative that we eat for fear of going hungry.  There are many who are driven by hunger to eat, and at times continue to be hungry because there isn't sufficient food.

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Steven Choo | Reply 21.02.2013 14:41

Hi Dominic,
Great photos captured
Will love to know where I can enjoy the reality of the taste.

Dom 21.02.2013 15:14

Thanks for visiting, Steven. Food can be found almost anywhere - but good food is rare. Then again, my taste may differ from yours. Have a great day, my friend

Kevin | Reply 30.11.2012 17:02

Yah saw most of your masterpieces. Very impressed - stunning professional and your gluttons' corner makes me drool - now I'm hungry

Dom 30.11.2012 17:07

Thanks for visiting, Mr Loh. Don't be misled by the images - some are not that good. Look good only.

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17.01 | 11:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

16.01 | 08:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

25.05 | 21:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

25.05 | 11:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today!
Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄

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