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 JAPAN 2017


Jocelyn and I spent the last 7 days in Japan, covering Tokyo, Kinugawa, Ashikaga, Azumino and Kawagichi Perfectures.  Enjoyed the several Onsens along the way, although a few were run-down and with not much maintenance. 

Food was average, and a step lower from what we experienced last year (photos here).  However, our tour members were friendly and a fun-loving lot. Cool


Here is the link to the photos.



Apr 27, 2017


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Kg | Reply 02.05.2017 21.37

You like Japan a lot hor? 😆

Dom 06.05.2017 07.18


CF | Reply 16.03.2017 17.45

Dom, on your next vacation, if you don't capture anything on film, we will have to ask you to leave our Club 😑

Dom 17.03.2017 11.52

Yes Sir! 😩

Dawn | Reply 31.12.2016 15.10

Wishing you and Jocelyn a Joyous and Healthy New Year! You guys must be in heaven celebrating the season with your two daughters!

Pushprocess | Reply 31.12.2016 14.49

Happy New Year, Dom! All with the 100T? Your gears are getting lighter by the day. Let's hope you won't be using just the iPhone for photos one day 😆

Dom 08.01.2017 16.28

Guarantee it won't happen 😆

Filmhardcore | Reply 18.09.2016 11.53

Please don't underestimate the Ricoh 500, Dom. It's a piece of gem!

Pushprocess | Reply 17.09.2016 17.30

Whoa!!! 👍

Filmhardcore | Reply 01.07.2016 10.46

Just managed to view your photos! Congrats on your daughter's graduation, Dom! 😀

P.S. Must find new place to rendezvous now that Funan's closed 😧

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24.06 | 00:46

Hv you uploaded pictures of your recent trip? Oslo etc Tq

22.05 | 20:21

Thank you for your compliments, Nick & Marie. While in Japan, do as the Japanese. YOLO!! 😂😂

22.05 | 20:12

U look wonderful in your kimono. Enjoyed your photos. Thank you for sharing with me.

06.05 | 07:18


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