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This is my second silent retreat at Seven Fountains in Chiangmai.  I was there from Mar 13th to Mar 17th and Father Paul was my Spiritual Director once again.

Didn't take many photos while at the retreat.  Well, it was supposed to be a retreat afterall (my vacation with God, as Father Paul rightfully put it) 

Jocelyn joined me after the retreat for a few days in Chiangmai Old Town for R&R.  Weather was very hot and on most days it reached 38 Celsius.  The haze was bad and I see many people wearing masks.



Mar 21, 2019


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CF | Reply 25.03.2019 19.03

Welcome back, Dom! It's been so long that we thought you had become a monk! 😅

Dom 25.03.2019 19.54


Shootanalog | Reply 26.05.2018 14.35

You go Japan every year huh?

Dom 26.05.2018 16.23


MM | Reply 22.04.2018 16.11

Three weeks and only these? 🙄

Dom 22.04.2018 16.19

Quality versus quantity, Sir

Marie | Reply 23.12.2017 20.38

Hv you uploaded pictures of your recent trip? Oslo etc Tq

Dom 24.12.2017 19.57

Yes, Marie. I've uploaded the photos and they can be found at:
>> Beyond Our Shores > Other Travel Photos > 2017 > Scandinavia

KG | Reply 17.12.2017 17.55

Dom, seldom hear you complain about cruises. Guess must be quite bad.
Got leave feedback or not?

Dom 17.12.2017 19.51

Ya, so it must be really bad for me to start complaining 😡

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25.03 | 19:54


25.03 | 19:03

Welcome back, Dom! It's been so long that we thought you had become a monk! 😅

29.05 | 13:36

Thanks, Mark. But it's more the camera than the skills la. 😊

29.05 | 00:05

Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories of Hokkaido. Made more special by your camera and photography skills.

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